Country Music

I love pop music. Not a country music fan but lately, or rather suddenly, I happened to listen to some country music…and I happened to like them. So, here are some of the country music that I have been listening. Feel free to click on those links to check out the music videos. =D

  1. Brad Paisley ft. Carrie Underwood – Remind Me
    brad paisley
  2. Tim McGraw ft. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban – Highway Don’t Care
    tim mcgraw
  3. Florida Georgia Line – H.O.L.Y.
    florida georgia line
  4. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    carrie underwood
  5. Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood – The Fighter
    keith urban

What If You Meet An A**?

What if you encountered someone who was being an a**? It could be in any situation. Perhaps, that person was driving recklessly on the road, cutting a queue or not completing that person’s duty or work. Perhaps, it’s something else.

So, I thought of a couple of ways to deal with it.

  1. Punching Bag – Release ’em on the punching bag. Or “Let It Go” as what Frozen has taught us.punching-bag                                     Image:
  2. Kids Punching Bag – You can opt for this if you’re on a budget. =Pkids-punching-bag                                       Image:
  3. The All-American Rejects – Give You Hell

I personally like to listen to this song when I encounter such situation. What’s yours? =P

Is It Necessary To Complete Classical Music [Grade 8]?


We often see parents sending kids for classical music lessons at a very tender age. Not only that, some kids are learning a few musical instruments at one go. So, instead of just taking piano lessons for instance, they also take guitar and/or violin lessons. More often than not, parents (especially Asian parents) push their kids to complete till Grade 8 of piano. Perhaps, some even go on to take a Diploma. So, is it necessary to complete classical music? [I’ll be focusing on piano lessons in this article since I started off with piano].

In my opinion, it is a resounding “NO”! Once you have completed Grade 8, what is next? A recording deal? Or you get on with life by going to college like most people do? Don’t get me wrong, it is good to complete what you have started, not just in music but in every area. Perhaps some of us really have the passion in classical music. Perhaps some of us really want to be a music teacher. Of course, completing Grade 8 and getting a Diploma will really help in your teaching career later. However, that is not the case for most of us. As a matter of fact, most kids just burn out or lose their passion for music after a couple of years. As such, you will notice either one of these end results. They either quit for good or they are pushed to complete till Grade 8.

I started off by taking piano lessons. I learnt till Grade 5 before quitting (I was 11 then). Well, the main and only reason is because classical music was and still is really boring to me. Plus, I find it rather regimented even as a kid having to prepare and focus mainly on three classical pieces for the practical exam. Seriously, I am not kidding when I say I really love music but not this genre. I am really glad for having very supportive parents. They did not force me to continue those classical lessons. Not too long after that, I was taught how to play by ear and my passion for music just continued to grow. Subsequently, I also learnt how to play drums and guitar out of my own passion.

More often than not, parents are the one pushing their kids. I am sure parents have the best intention at heart but perhaps the method needs a little tweaking. What is more important is to discover the passion and ‘fan the flame’ so that passion will continue to grow instead of blindly compelling them to complete their Grade 8 piano lesson. When you have discovered their passion for music, you do not have to waste an ounce of energy to make them go for piano lessons or practise at home. When you discover their passion, all they need is a little encouragement and they will absolutely put their heart into it.

All in all, I am really glad my parents sent me for piano lessons as it helped spark my passion for music and that was where I learnt the basics such as tempo, scales, beat etc. (I am equally glad that they respected my decision to quit classical music!) A few years ago, someone asked if I ever regretted my decision on quitting classical music. Guess what was my reply? Nope! Not even a tiny bit! Anyway, time to jam on my guitar. =D

3 Reasons Marketing Music Differs From Others

Why marketing music differs from other industry or field? Well, music is a rather interesting or special industry (and it’s awesome as I’m a musician myself =P ).


Image source:

1. It involves a specific genre

As a musician or artist, you have a specific genre that defines who you are. It can be pop, rock, R&B, classical etc. So, you have a certain type of audience. It is different from products or services, say, a cell phone service provider. A cell phone service provider can offer various service packages. If a customer takes a more affordable package, their monthly bill may be cheaper but it comes with lesser data usage, lesser free SMS or call time. On the other hand, if a customer opts for a higher range of the package, their monthly bill may be more expensive but they enjoy a higher data usage, more free SMS and call time.

2. It is not a convenience product

Convenience product is referring to something that a consumer needs. It is easily accessible and it doesn’t require much thought when purchasing it. Well, because we pretty much use it in our daily lives. I mean, who goes into a deep discussion or thought before buying salt? (Get my point?) Music, on the other hand, is not a basic necessity. It somehow intertwines in our lives, like a “push and pull” relationship. Of course, music is known to be beneficial, such as music therapy but that is another discussion altogether.

3. Music isn’t tangible

Music isn’t something tangible. It cannot be touched. It is not something that is solid. Your audience listens to your music. If they are in a concert, then they get to watch the performance too. Music is subjective. Hence, the audience or potential audience pretty much feel, think or perceive if they are the correct targeted audience.

In a nutshell, it is rather tricky or interesting (depending on how you look at it) when it comes to music. Having mentioned earlier that a musician or artist has a specific genre means that the marketing strategy has to be tweaked a tiny bit.

What is Conscious Music?

So what is Conscious Music? I’m pretty sure most of us have heard of Conscious Music. We just don’t know it’s called Conscious Music.

Conscious Music is basically songs that give positive energy. The lyrics are uplifting, it’s about spreading love, peace, unity etc. It is definitely NOT about anger, sex, fighting and f***-ing. It is also definitely NOT those emo songs that we hear on the radio where we tend to pretend we are a part of the music video (That’s when we turn our heads and look out the window especially when it rains while singing along. =P )

Conscious Music is about the message that one gets from the lyrics. It doesn’t matter what is the genre, tempo or beat. In fact, Conscious Music has been around since John Lennon’s or Bob Marley’s era.

One of my favourite Conscious Music is The Black Eyed Peas’ Where Is The Love? (I’m sure you know this awesome song too! =D ) Click this link to check out the original music video of The Black Eyed Peas’ Where Is The Love. On August 31, 2016, The Black Eyed Peas released a newer version of Where Is The Love ft The World.


You can also check out Conscious Music Movement or their Facebook page to know more about Conscious Music or the community. (No, I wasn’t paid to advertise for Conscious Music Movement). I just think it’s a good platform to know more about Conscious Music and to get connected with like-minded musicians or anyone for that matter.

So, which Conscious Music impacted you the most? Do share your thoughts by clicking the “Leave A Comment” button at the top of this post.

Top 5 Bands 90s Kids Grew Up With

These are the top 5 bands (or solo artists) that 90s kids grew up with…or at least I grew up with in no particular order. (I may be a little bias coz they are my favourite =P) Anyway, I believe most 90s kids can relate to this and will agree with me…more or less…:-

  1. Westlife  – As much as they have disbanded and BSB is still around, Westlife rocks!!! Shane Filan rocks too!!!


2. Britney Spears – It’s Britney B*tch, need I say more?

Britney Spears

3. Simple Plan – They will be LIVE in KL in 3 days (…technically as the clock has striked 12!) So yeah, Welcome To My Life!!! =D

Simple Plan

4. S Club 7 – I was truly heartbroken when Paul left the group, after which, the band was renamed as S Club.

S Club 7

5. Avril Lavigne – Besides admiring her super straight hair back then, I loved her cool, skater girl demeanour and of course, her songs!!! All of ’em!

Avril Lavigne










So, what’s your top 5 band that you grew up with? Do share your thoughts by clicking the “Leave A Comment” button at the top of this post.

P/S: I still have their songs in my playlist.