Life Of A University Student

Heading back to university does take a little getting used to at first. Not to mention, those classes, assignments, case studies, coursework, tests etc. Then, there’s work. Juggling between those two is rather interesting.

How time flies! It’s halfway through the semester. Mid-term break feels more like study week with those assignments, reports, and tests piling up.

img_5954                                                      Look at those books!

Speaking of assignments and reports, there are discussions. When there are discussions, there are those sessions at the cafes. Chocolate and coffee are a must over here.

img_5945              Amidst the laptop and notes are the amazingly awesome beverages!

Not to mention, the amazingly awesome group members. Good company and good stories pretty much sum it up.

img_5949                      For the record, we were really focusing on the discussion!


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