3 Reasons Marketing Music Differs From Others

Why marketing music differs from other industry or field? Well, music is a rather interesting or special industry (and it’s awesome as I’m a musician myself =P ).


Image source: http://raprehab.com/

1. It involves a specific genre

As a musician or artist, you have a specific genre that defines who you are. It can be pop, rock, R&B, classical etc. So, you have a certain type of audience. It is different from products or services, say, a cell phone service provider. A cell phone service provider can offer various service packages. If a customer takes a more affordable package, their monthly bill may be cheaper but it comes with lesser data usage, lesser free SMS or call time. On the other hand, if a customer opts for a higher range of the package, their monthly bill may be more expensive but they enjoy a higher data usage, more free SMS and call time.

2. It is not a convenience product

Convenience product is referring to something that a consumer needs. It is easily accessible and it doesn’t require much thought when purchasing it. Well, because we pretty much use it in our daily lives. I mean, who goes into a deep discussion or thought before buying salt? (Get my point?) Music, on the other hand, is not a basic necessity. It somehow intertwines in our lives, like a “push and pull” relationship. Of course, music is known to be beneficial, such as music therapy but that is another discussion altogether.

3. Music isn’t tangible

Music isn’t something tangible. It cannot be touched. It is not something that is solid. Your audience listens to your music. If they are in a concert, then they get to watch the performance too. Music is subjective. Hence, the audience or potential audience pretty much feel, think or perceive if they are the correct targeted audience.

In a nutshell, it is rather tricky or interesting (depending on how you look at it) when it comes to music. Having mentioned earlier that a musician or artist has a specific genre means that the marketing strategy has to be tweaked a tiny bit.


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