Post-Exam Post

Exams are over!!! Hello semester break!!! It has been an interesting twist of events. For starters, I have been sick since 31st December 2016. So, 2 weeks of being sick. On the other hand, sem break began on the 10th Jan 2017 when the clock striked 11am.

During this recuperating “season” as I will put it, I have tried to enjoy as best as I can such as:-

1. Reading my favourite novels. My favourite genre: crime and thriller.


2. Jamming on my  guitar and piano


3. Catching up with friends over desserts (of course!!!)


It Is Time

It is time
To try new ideas
To try new stuff
Stuff that you always have in mind
But you’re afraid that it won’t work
It is time
To take a stand
And just do it
Forget about those haters
Forget about those who say it ain’t gonna work
It is time
To get out there
Make it work
Coz you can’t take back the time that has been wasted








** This is my first attempt at this…ever =)

Happy New Year 2017!

It’s New Year’s Eve! What makes it extra special or interesting is that I sat for my first exam paper this morning. Interesting to welcome the New Year, no? =P

Anyway, I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year 2017!


As we enter 2017, let us embrace the New Year confidently. As High School Musical would say, it’s the start of something new. =D


P/S: This picture above looks like a scene from “Inception”.

9 Days Till Christmas

It’s 9 days till Christmas! It is the most wonderful time of the year. Amidst the counting down, presents and decorations, this Christmas is a little different. Well, for starters, final exams begin on 31/12/16. Yes, you read it right. First paper on 31/12/16.

So, no Christmas and New Year countdown…or the show must go on. =P Anyway, I spotted some nice Christmas decorations in town. So, here it is!


This was taken during the day. It would have been nicer if it was taken at night. Finally, found one with the Nutcracker.


There was this cute little toy house with a spinning windmill. And of course, snow! White Christmas, it is.


So, it’s just not me who is excited about Christmas. Shaun The Sheep can’t wait for his presents too! =)



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Hey everyone. Quite a boring day for me over here😕. But, yesterday, I took a little break from writing poems and I gave out blogging tips which I hadn’t done in a long time. Today, because of my inability to do “Share your Link Friday“; which I haven’t done in over a month (I’ll try to do it this week Friday), I decided to do a share your link post instead so everyone can promote their blog and share a link to whatever they want us to read. Everyone and anyone is welcome and encouraged to promote their blog or share a link to their post in the comment section as much as they like.

This is a great opportunity for you to get some

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I Can’t Wait For Christmas!

It’s exactly 1 month and 1 week till Christmas and I can’t wait for Christmas. Just mention Christmas and the few things that come to mind right away are family, presents, more presents and to some, Santa. However, as one gets older, the number of presents seem to dwindle.

Anyway, shopping for presents is absolutely exciting. But then again, sometimes it’s like a million dollar question. What should I get for that person? Pretty much the same way when one asks what should I eat for lunch or dinner? =D

If in any event you have no idea what to get, perhaps you can get something cheeky like this awesome magnet below.


True to what is written…

I came, I saw, I SHOPPED or Veni, Vidi, Visa!!! I’m sure Julius Caesar wouldn’t mind since it’s Christmas!

Coffee Tastes Better After MidTerm Test

This few weeks have been pretty crazy with MidTerm Tests & tons of assignments approaching the respective due dates. Then there’s work. No matter how crazy the schedule is, I still squeezed in some time for jamming.

So, I had my MidTerm Test last night. I had the first paper a couple of days earlier. Another one coming soon. Once I settled down last night, the first thing I did was to have an awesome cup of coffee.


Somehow, the coffee tasted exceptionally awesome when I had it after my MidTerm Test. =P Ah, it’s the little things in life that can brighten one’s day. Simplicity at its best! Had I not opted for coffee, I would have had the best Teh Tarik ever!!!


So, what’s your method of unwind? Do write in the comments section.

Life Of A University Student

Heading back to university does take a little getting used to at first. Not to mention, those classes, assignments, case studies, coursework, tests etc. Then, there’s work. Juggling between those two is rather interesting.

How time flies! It’s halfway through the semester. Mid-term break feels more like study week with those assignments, reports, and tests piling up.

img_5954                                                      Look at those books!

Speaking of assignments and reports, there are discussions. When there are discussions, there are those sessions at the cafes. Chocolate and coffee are a must over here.

img_5945              Amidst the laptop and notes are the amazingly awesome beverages!

Not to mention, the amazingly awesome group members. Good company and good stories pretty much sum it up.

img_5949                      For the record, we were really focusing on the discussion!